Please use the toggles below to learn more about each option.  If you have any questions, you can contact the Membership Board Member at

Interested in joining BHSC?

Thank you for your interest in joining Burton Hollow Swim Club.  We currently have a waitlist to get a membership at BHSC.  BHSC generally sells 20-30 memberships per year.  You can view your place on the waiting list at  

You may be called at any time during the year to be offered a membership.  If you are not prepared to purchase at the time you are called, your name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.  Moving to the bottom of the list and declining purchase is allowed one time. If you decline again you will be removed from the list and will need to re- submit a new application and $40.00 non-refundable fee to be added back to the bottom of the list.

If you would like to join our waitlist, please complete the application below.


  • Bond = $550
  • Transfer Fee = $100
    • Bond & Transfer fee are only paid once when you first join
  • Dues = $725
  • Work Bee Fee = $100 (Refundable if 4 hours worked)

Total:  $1475.00


As of June 18, 2024:

​***Please note that the names in Bold passed for the 2024 season.  If they do not accept a membership in 2025, they will be removed from the waitlist.  You can only pass on a membership one time.

1 Woody Family
2 Kristy Family
3 Van Schoick Family
4 Arnold Family
5 Duerr Family
6 Graham Family
7 Hallis Family
8 Bradley family
9 Gilliam Family
10 Pearson Family
11 Stocker Family
12 Reed Family
13 Ali Famil
14 Benson Family
15 Evans Family
16 Barnhoumeh Family
17 Colllins, Paola
18 Carr Family
19 Grad Family
20 Burton Family
21 Thompson Family
22 Jendrychowski-Sheldon Family
23 Perez Family
24 Pollock Family
25 Blaesser Family
26 Kewley Family
27 Wegmann family
28 Hawver Family
29 Dear Family

BHSC is happy to offer an “Empty Nest” membership type.  Based on our 2022 General Membership Meeting, the criteria for eligibility is as follows:

  • You must be a BHSC member for 20 continuous years in good standing to be eligible
  • Capped at 25 bondholders, if more than 25 members apply, the class will be applied based on those with the most seniority at the club based on the number of years of consecutive membership
  • No dependent children on blue card, only bond holder or bond holder with spouse/partner
  • No associate members are allowed with this membership class
  • Work Bee Fee would be waived

If you are interested in the Empty Nest membership, please complete the below application.

We currently have a waitlist for empty nester memberships.  You will be informed by our Membership Board Member if you are awarded an Empty Nest membership.

EMPTY NESTER WAITLIST as of March 23, 2024

  • Griffin, Carrie
  • Behrendt, Don

If you would like to sell your membership, please complete the following form.