2024 President’s Letter

February 18, 2024

Hello BHSC Members:

The Burton Hollow Swim Club (BHSC) Board would like to welcome returning members and their families back for another season of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment.  We would also like to welcome new member families to BHSC.  We hope you and your families will make BHSC your second home over the summer while making great memories and many friendships.

Below are several key items to be aware of heading into the 2024 summer season.  Please read them over.

Board of Directors

On behalf of the general membership, the Board would like to thank our only outgoing board member, our former President, Jim Mariani and his family for their service to the club.  We would also like to welcome Keith Firstenberg to the Board and announce our positions for the 2024 season:

  • President: Dan Henry
  • Vice President: Kristie Jonca
  • Treasurer: Andrea Ricotta
  • Secretary: Allison Kava
  • Membership: Toni O’Connor
  • Pool & Building: Tony Villella
  • Grounds: Dan Buday
  • Recreation & Swim Team: Christy Krawczyk
  • Social: Keith Firstenberg

Key Notes

The summer of 2023 was fun, yet challenging, as parts of the club have begun to show their age.  We appreciate your patience as we dealt with plumbing issue after plumbing issue last summer.  We did all that we could to keep the club open and provide the best experience possible under the circumstances.  To that end, at a significant cost, we have replaced ALL the plumbing in both the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms, all the way to the main sewer connection.  Frankly, there is nothing more we can do from a preventative maintenance standpoint to prevent issues from occurring in the future.  We ask that you please, please take care of the club and do not flush items down the toilets that do not belong.  The last major plumbing issue of 2023 was caused by someone flushing a T-shirt down the toilet!!  If you wouldn’t flush it at your home, don’t flush it at BHSC.  Below are some highlights of the off-season work completed or to be done prior to opening or at the close of the season:

  • Replaced ALL plumbing and pipes in Men’s and Women’s bathrooms
  • Repaired plumbing in baby pool
  • Repaired Marcite (coating on the bottom) in baby pool
  • Replace valves in main pool surge tank
  • Repaired electrical lines running to lights and outlets near cabanas
  • Replaced non-working pool lights
  • Winterize & climate protect the shed near the baby pool

Work Bee & Club Improvements:

As we get the club ready to open for the 2024 season, we would like to have as many members as possible take advantage of your Work Bee opportunities to get your $100.00 Work Bee refund.  Communications will be sent in the coming weeks regarding the Work Bee schedule and some additional opportunities for members to earn their Work Bee refund.

Lifeguard Staffing

Our Club Manager, Melissa Flannigan, and the Human Resources committee are working to retain returning lifeguards and hire new staff for the 2024 season.  Be aware that many of our lifeguards are high school students in other districts.  Please be patient with our hours the initial weeks and final weeks of the season.  Staff availability during those weeks have been a challenge the last few years.  With Livonia schools ending a week earlier than most other neighboring districts, hours may need to be limited the week of June 10.


The Club is planning to open on Friday, May 24th at 12:00 p.m. (staff and weather permitting) and will be open through Labor Day (Monday, September 2nd).  Currently planned hours:

May 24-June 5, 2024

Weekdays: 4:00pm-8:00pm

Weekends: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

June 6 – Aug. 25, 2024 (Hours the week of June 10 subject to change based on staff availability)

Every Day: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Aug. 26 – Sept. 2, 2024

Weekdays: 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Weekends 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Labor Day 12pm-8pm

During the season, the hours may change depending on Social Events, Swim Meets, weather and pool conditions.  Please call the Club at 734-591-1767 or check the Club’s website if you have questions about the hours of operation.

Membership Forms/Front Desk Check-In

Computerized check-in procedures will again be used for all members through MemberSplash. This process will ensure the use of the club is restricted to paid members only.  You do not have to update anything unless you are adding or removing an associate member to your account.  Guest fees will be collected at the front desk upon arrival or can be prepaid through MemberSplash.  We intend to have the ability to pay via credit or debit card enabled by opening day.

Guests of the club will be required to wear a wristband when using club facilities, as was the past policy.  All guests will have to fill out our insurance waiver once per summer online.  We ask that you have your guests fill the waiver out prior to entering the club to avoid a back-up at the front desk.

Swim Team

Once again, the BURTON HOLLOW DOLPHINS will compete in the Summer Independent Swim League.  The first meet will be Tuesday, June 25 with the season completing on Saturday, July 27 with League Meet, hosted this year at Fairway Farms.  Sign up information and details regarding the 2024 season will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will be offered for children of members and those that are on our waitlist.  The cost is $60.00 per child for each two-week session, payable by check or online via MemberSplash or Venmo prior to the first session lesson begins.  The swim lesson calendar, times, and levels will be updated on our website as we get closer to the opening of the season.  We are looking to better integrate our swim lessons and swim team; making them a more cohesive program moving forward.  More details to follow.

Standard Operating Procedures

Our Standard Operating Procedures are posted to our website and will also be posted throughout the club.  We ask that the procedures be adhered to.

Final Thoughts

The BHSC Board asks that everyone please take care and responsibility to treat the club, its grounds and equipment as you would if it were your own.  Because you DO own it, or at least a part of it.  Please take the time to clean up after yourselves and respect the club, its grounds, property, equipment, members and staff.  We are all looking forward to an outstanding summer season in 2024!  Go Dolphins!!


Dan Henry

BHSC President